Wait Wait Wait… The Ataris are Coming to the Camel?

So I came across this when randomly looking at next month’s show listings for the Camel and noticed that The Ataris were playing. I had to do a double take because I initially thought that it was another random (possibly local) band using the Ataris name. There has been barely a peep out of Kris Roe and his pop punk outfit that dominated that scene back in the early 2000s (“Blue Skies Broken Hearts” is still one of my favorite albums), so surely this couldn’t be the same band, right?

Apparently, Roe and company are still together making music and are heading out on tour – and not in a huge venue, but rather an intimate performance at the Camel. The Ataris will be performing on Wednesday, Oct. 3 with Flatfoot 56, Red City Radio and local guys Hold Tight. I cannot begin to describe my excitement for this show.

There’s still no sign of the Ataris’ long-delayed “The Graveyard Of The Atlantic,” but they do have an exclusive tour CD for sale on these dates, which includes a live set and bonus tracks. And to top things off, tickets are only $10 in advance.

Seriously, go to this show. It’ll be incredible to say the least.

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