RVA Music Fest Not Happening?

It looks like the much-hyped 2nd Annual RVA Music Fest is no longer happening.

Over on the RVA Music Fest Facebook page, there was some talk about big announcements coming and teasers with videos to J. Roddy Walston, Team Spirit, Hooray for Earth and the Death Set, but no official announcement of bands and many fans were left asking when it was coming.

Worthless Junk Records’ Facebook page mentions that the event along with Best Friends Day was no longer happening (but apparently there will be a Worthless Junk Fest, so that’s awesome).

I asked followers on Twitter if they knew anything and from what I’ve heard, apparently the festival has been canceled due to various issues with booking and management and there might be lawyers involved. There’s been no official announcement and the RVA Music Fest website is down, although the links to subsequent pages still seem to be working.

At the moment, it looks like there will be no festival.

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