Patterson Hood and Dawes are Both Tonight

Have any questions about who to see tonight? Don’t.

Drive-By Trucker’s frontman Patteron Hood will be performing at the John Marshall Hotel.

Best known as the leader of the alternative roots/rock band “Drive-By Truckers”, song writer Patterson Hood was born into a musical family. Hood began writing songs at 8, by 14 he was playing guitar in a local rock band. Forming “Drive-By Truckers” in 1996 with friend Mike Cooley, they found national acclaim on their second album, 2001’s Southern Rock Opera. Throughout the bulk of “Drive-By Truckers” career, Hood also wrote music and recorded his own acoustic sets. He currently combines touring with “Drive-By Truckers” and his own solo appearances.

Meanwhile over at Brown’s Island, Dawes will be performing for Friday Cheers.

A self-described “American rock ‘n’ roll band,” Dawes represent everything pure and true about that fundamental delineation, four talented friends making music together, fueled by a shared belief in the power of their songs. With Nothing Is Wrong, the Los Angeles-based band – singer/guitarist Goldsmith, his brother Griffin on drums, keyboardist Tay Strathairn, and bassist Wylie Gelber – continue to master their blend of singer/songwriter reflection with folk, country, and AOR-inspired arrangements, all ringing guitars, soaring harmonies, and heartfelt melodies. After spending much of the past two years on tour, songs like “Coming Back To A Man” and “Time Spent In Los Angeles” have a restless, unsettled quality evocative of life lived on the road. A collection of songs that expertly builds upon the template laid by 2009’s extraordinary debut, North Hills, Nothing Is Wrong sees Dawes displaying staggering growth and evolution while still manifesting their distinctive, unforgettable voice.

Dawes – When My Time Comes

If you value good live music, you will be at one of these shows.

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