Meade Skelton Releases New EP

Meade Skelton is a frequent reader of this blog. He usually hates everything I write about and lets me know that I should be writing about other types of music.

Hopefully, Meade will like this post.

Meade Skelton’s new EP “We Talk In Circles” is now available on CD and 10″ record and includes fan favorites including “Hipsters Ruin Everything,” which I have to admit cracks me up everytime I hear it. Meade’s EP is very catchy and I’m surprised by how much I’m actually enjoying it.

From the man himself:
“We Talk In Circles” was recorded 6 years ago at the Mosque in Richmond and I put it on youtube in 2006, and it became an instant hit! People kept asking me, “Meade, when are you gonna put that on wax?” Well, wait no more! Its here. Its now available on a 10″ record, Compact disc, or even digital download. I prefer the vinyl, myself. But I’m very particular that way… There are 6 songs – including Fan favorites such as “Hipsters Ruin Everything,” and “River City” and “The Crossroads.” I had a lot of help from the finest musicians in Richmond- including The Meadow Street Band! Its a nice blend of Alternative Country Pop,50’s rock n’ roll, Piano Frill and Gospel Fervor. All put into a blender and pureed for your ears! Please check it out and pick up a copy today.

The record release party for “We talk in Circles” will be on Jan. 8 at The Camel with Herschel Stratego and the Slomski Brothers, but if you can’t wait that long, Meade has a few shows before the end of the year. He’ll be performing on Friday, Dec. 10 at Sprout, Sunday, Dec. 19 at Tabernacle Baptist Church and Thursday, Dec. 23 outside the Byrd Theatre.

Meade Skelton – Those Bad Things You Do

Meade Skelton – We Talk in Circles

3 thoughts on “Meade Skelton Releases New EP

  1. I’m glad to hear new music, but why did he put an old picture of Colonel Sanders on the jacket? Keith and Sunday send their love.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the kind words! Im not sure what you mean, but I certainly don’t hate what you post. I just say you should write more on country music. Thats all. Merry Christmas!

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